Biospecimen Banking


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Biospecimen banking (BSB) involves collecting, processing, storing and distributing of human or animal tissues and body fluids of molecular grade. Human tissues and body fluids are banked in compliance with IRB approved protocols without compromising the diagnostic process and maintaining donor confidentiality (HIPAA compliant). Investigator-driven biobanking initiatives are of paramount importance at the University. The BSB provides investigators with the infrastructure to establish organ-specific biobanks in a centralized location. This arrangement allows for minimal duplication of costs, as well as establishing a working template for all tissue collections.

The BSB has grown exponentially, and has a strong team of experienced personnel banking tissues for clinical trials, investigator-driven projects, and future biospecimen-based research. In addition, the BSB now collects and stores saliva, urine, blood, plasma, serum, and derivatives. The BSB is a complex process, requiring multiple interacting systems to ensure the scientific quality of procured tissue, and body fluids, patient confidentiality, adherence to good clinical practices, and regulated disbursement of biospecimens to approved investigators. They are also aware that policies, HIPAA guidelines, and federal and state tissue procurement regulations may change, and will be fully compliant with all new regulations.

In addition to the banking of biospecimens, the BSB established a Tissue Microarray (TMA) subcore. High-throughput genome screening technologies, such as cDNA and microarrays, have made it possible to survey thousands of genes at a time from tissues and cells. The translation of such information to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic applications requires extensive validation. TMAs provide a means for rapid, large-scale analysis of 50 to 300 unique tissue specimens depending upon the diameter of the individual specimens required. The TMA subcore provides expert consultation and technical support in the construction and analyses of TMAs. Next

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