Laser Capture Microdisection (LCM)


Research Facility based on Laser Microdissection technique specifically designed for microdissection and extraction of pure, homogeneous cell populations or single cells for further molecular analysis (DNA, RNA, proteins).

Establishment of the LCM Facility is a product of close collaboration between the Departments of Pathology, Pulmonary Medicine (Dr. J. Solway) and the Cancer Research Center.

Laser microdissection (LMD) is performed utilizing either the Arcturus PixCell or Leica AS LMD instrument. The Arcturus instrument is equipped for detection of immunofluorescent labeled targets as necessary. Together these instruments are widely considered to represent the best available technologies for LMD.

Specialists in our LCM facility can assist you in identification, localization, and microdissection of target cell populations. Using Laser Microdissection systems we can select from heterogeneous solid tissue or cytological smears :

  • Single chromosomes (example)
  • Single cell or cell nucleus (example)
  • Group of cells (example)
  • Separate pure cell populations (example)
  • Lesions (example)
  • Diseased cells vs. normal (example)
  • Normal cells (as experimental controls) (example)
  • Tissue structures such as glands, vessels, fibers, cartilage and other components (example)

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LCM Core Facility: UCH Rm # P612