What Can Aperio Do For You?


By integrating image capture, viewing, management and analysis solutions into a single workflow, Aperio is helping scientists accelerate basic research and drug discoveries. They provide a seamless solution for tissue-based research to speed informed decision making and time to results. Make slide data easily accessible and mineable for future experiments in one fully searchable, web-based database.

Using Aperio’s free image viewing software, ImageScope, you can view glass slides on a computer monitor anywhere at any time. You can instantly extract snapshot images from any region of interest for publications and presentations without the need to optimize camera settings. You may view multiple serial sections side-by-side and easily make distance and area measurements. The Spectrum Plus database gives you the opportunity to store digital slides and associate them with experimental data. You are also able to analyze tissue quickly and efficiently using the comprehensive image analysis tools accessible through ImageScope as well as Spectrum Plus.

The Human Tissue Resource Center has exclusively customized our Aperio products to meet the needs of researchers and other research related applications. Clinical use of our equipment would not be advised, as we are not CAP certified.